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Video Marketing is in trend these days. People prefer watching a video of 5 minutes long to reading a 1500 lengthy blog post. But we aren’t here to demean other fellow Digital Marketing sources but to acknowledge the fact that Video Marketing is definitely stealing the show. According to a study, 90% of the customers are turning towards videos for making a purchase, therefore, the marketers aren’t planning to fall behind and neither should you.

Videos linger in our minds for a longer time due to the essence of exhibiting real-time content. Let’s shed some light on the importance of Video marketing services and understand the hype around it:

1. ‘We Just Want Attention..’: Without a doubt, videos grab attention more than any other form of advertising. In the wake of the popularity of Video Marketing, we, at TossUp Media offer a range of Video Marketing Services that can make heads turn!

2. Ranking Matters: Let’s take a look at some facts. Studies show that 54% of consumers prefer watching video content from a brand or business they support. The average internet user spends 88% more time on a video-packed website, according to data from Mist Media. Hence, our team at TossUp Media doesn’t let stats go stale and provides effective strategies to increase dwell time on your websites, which in turn increases the likelihood of being ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

3. Conversion Rates Soared: Feels great isn’t it? According to studies, incorporating videos on websites can increase conversions by 86%. One more reason not to brush the Video Marketing Services aside.

4. Brand Awareness: With the best Video Marketing services in hand, our experts help design and customize videos that can amp up brand loyalty and brand awareness.

After pinning down the benefits of Video Marketing, let’s hear from us about the services we offer:

1. Professional Video Scripting: YouTube being the second largest search engine after Google, our team specializes in creating a YouTube channel of your brand with knock-out script-writing to support the cause.

2. Video Creation & Promotion: Video creation is an art in which our team takes pride in achieving great heights. Keeping in mind the needs of the brand and the viewers alike, we customize the video and publicize the videos for more views and revenue to pour in.

3. SEO Optimization: As known worldwide, Search Engine Optimization is required for YouTube videos too. Hence, our team takes immense care in generating and researching keywords and implementing active SEO techniques to spruce up the videos that can further lead to quality leads and revenue generation.

4. Video Campaign Management: YouTube Video Marketing at its enhanced pace leads brands towards success. To utilize the full potential of YouTube Marketing, our team leaves no stone unturned in the application of the best techniques in brand campaigning. 

5. YouTube Video Marketing Services: The largest video platform on the web and the second largest social media channel after Facebook, YouTube have skyrocketed numerous businesses worldwide. And we, at TossUp Media couldn’t refrain from utilizing this ever-growing source. 

 We Perform:

  • Intensive research for authentic keywords
  • Out of the box video optimization
  • Enhancement in the ranking of the videos
  • Promotion on various social media channels

We have accompanied several brands to carve their niche on YouTube and in the hearts of their audiences. All this hard work to behold the growth in views, likes, comments, and subscribers which can, in turn, pour in quality leads. 

We Also Assist In:

  • Using proper tags on the videos
  • Delivering prompt replies to comments
  •  Implanting external links

To help in driving an increment in users assisting in brand visibility and revenue generation.

6. Reporting & Tracking: Blindsiding is a trait we hate! Hence we abide by our principle of providing crystal clear reporting to our clients that include the Video marketing techniques we used and milestones we achieved. Our team keeps tracking the outcomes and keeps you updated about the campaign progress. You can certainly suggest necessary tweaks in the process and together we can achieve the goals you intended in the first place.

  • Brand Awareness
  • SEO Optimization
  • Video Campaign Management
  • YouTube Video Marketing

With so much to offer, here at TossUp Media, we never leave a chance to impress our clients with the best of results. Let’s get started with a memorable journey of Video Marketing to tell some untold stories about your brands and services, entertain the customers and in turn watch the highest Return on Investment go down the funnel.

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The moment we joined hands with TossUp Media, we observed an increase in conversion rates, traffic, and quality video content aligning with our brand value brought in more revenue home.
Adriana Paul
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