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With Digital Marketing at its helm, Search Engine Marketing turns out to be one of its gems that needed to be handled adroitly. With the surge in the masses researching and buying online, SEM has turned out to be a consequential factor in making a room in their headspace. Unlike undeliberate minds on social media platforms, the search query is entered by the users with an open mindset to make a purchase.

And to attract those bewildered eyes, you must make a move for them to pay a visit to your site, effectively turning their interests into quality leads. A move towards recognition and success!

TossUp Media graced with years of experience, delivers the all-round optimization of your website and campaigns in order to enhance the potent traffic.

SEM Company in India – Our SEM Services Include:

Pay-Per-Click Marketing: With Google rewarding the highest-quality ads, the ad space, rather than the highest bidders; we utilize effectual strategies to bring down the cost-per-click and amplify the click-through rates.

Keyword Research Analysis: Keywords being the predominant ingredient in Search Engine Marketing, we put our best foot forward in determining the exact keywords to invest your funds in to get speedy and effective results for your business.

Market Comparison and Analysis: Our experts indulge in precise and extensive calculations, keeping an eye on your competitors for you to leave them behind in awe. Being on top of our game is our motto and we soon transcend it to your goals to let you triumph in your field.

Advanced Tracking and Reporting: Our team uses Google Analytics and other high-end tools to present real-time data to our clients. Our job leads us to the realization of the results we promised. Hence, we use easy to perceive and creative dashboards entrusted with instantaneous results, offering sustained optimization throughout to help you gauge the efficacy of your campaign.

A/B Testing and Optimization: A unique data-driven method that throws uncertainty out of the window. A technique so evolved, creates a mirror or more variants of a webpage or ads and lets the users decide which one they prefer, on the basis of this statistical analysis we reach the conclusion of either tweaking the new elements into the existing design or leaving it without any modification.
We try our best to provide you the flexibility to customize your design depending on your goals and needs.

Remarketing: Your users are getting away without making a purchase? Let us retarget those missed opportunities to turn them into efficient conversions. We dedicate every ounce of our brains to lure them back to where they were, by using a variety of platforms like Google Ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Search Engine Marketing Services – Tools We Use:

Our team needs the following tools in addition to the rigor and passion to lead you to the top. These softwares assist us in topping the charts of one of the best SEM Companies in India and in turn you to grow in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

  • Semrush
  • Wordstream
  • Google Ads
  • SuperMetrics
  • SpyFu

Harness the full power of Search Engine Marketing technology to up your game with us. We, at TossUp Media, commit to the upliftment of our clients’ goals while assisting in organizing high-performance SEM Campaigns that promise the best Return on Investment.

Equipped to acquire more lucrative outcomes from your website? Contact to our SEM Specialists at hello@tossupmedia.com for further details and get Free SEO Quotes now!

TossUp Media has done a wonderful job in taking our ranking to new heights. We can now find ourselves in a much better position on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Kudos team!
John Tyson
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