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Pay Per Click, as the name suggests, is one of the most effective online marketing models which is designed for the companies to derive huge revenue when the ad is clicked by a visitor.

Unlike the click baits, these are authentic, intelligently designed, and placed ads catering to the needs of the users visiting the websites. TossUp Media with years of experience in the paid marketing campaigns offers to become your syndicate and help you achieve your targeted return on investment from the aforesaid PPC marketing. Bound to our standards we provide optimized ad campaigns to swell the conversions and quality leads.

PPC Company in India – Services We Offer:

1. Highly-optimized Keyword Research: Our dedicated team of PPC services experts tracks down the relevant keywords that are most likely to be used by the customers to buy a product or service. In addition to the research, they keep speculating the updated keywords the users are up to using.

2. Google Ads: One of the leading platforms for PPC marketing, Google Ads brings relevant customers to notice the company’s branding products and services, drawing in more revenue and leads. Here are a few types of Google Ads that we take pride working with:

Search Ads: Our team specializes in writing appealing text ads to attract potential buyers to your website. Bidding on your brand name is one of the tricks to pull the chances of being seen, taking into consideration the tight ad space.

Display Ads:  Be it Responsive Display ads, Gmail Ads, and Uploaded Image Ads; Google uses Google Display network to exhibit your ads. Based on the image, our team creates compelling image ads that lure buyers to land on your website and make a purchase.

Remarketing Ads: A user left is no penny down the funnel! We at TossUp Media make sure to bring back that visitor and apply our well-renowned tactics that customize the original ads according to the intent of that visitor, ultimately leading to the revenue generation.

3. Bing Ads: Although Google Ads is stealing the deal, Bing Ads is not far behind. Having a fair share of importance in PPC marketing, it manages to provide quality leads, draws in notable traffic, and that too in comparatively less capital.

4. YouTube Advertising: YouTube, being the second largest search engine, the businesses are turning their heads towards it. We, at TossUp Media, tend to offer a variety of YouTube Advertising options, from Video creation to optimization. In order to stand out from the rest of the business channels marking their presence on YouTube, our expert team furnishes efficient customization to attract eyeballs and generate leads finally turning them into revenue.

5. Amazon Advertising: Amazon ad campaigns designed by our specialists help our clients to reach the desired customers, bring in Return On Investment, and ranking them on the top of the charts.

6. Bidding Management: We optimize the quality of the content so that the website runs up in the ranking, allowing it to fish in bids for ad spot. 

7. Tracking and Reporting: Although the whole optimization and customization have been taken into account, we offer a final bonus to our clients that involve tracking the whole campaign and live reporting to our said clients, so that if any changes needed to be made, then that’s handled per se.

Best Pay Per Click Service – Why TossUp Media?

With technology and businesses changing drastically, we need to put our best foot forward in order to remain ahead. For that we:

1. Increase Brand Awareness: It’s better to be bad and famous than best and hidden! However, we focus on being the best and famous. We aren’t considered one of the best PPC Companies in India for no reason. 

2. Targeted Ad Campaigning: Targets are awesome! So TossUp Media help align the needs of the customers of a particular area with the services offered by our clients. 

3. Competitive Approach: There’s no harm in believing to be the numero-uno in your prospective field, leaving your competitors behind. We chime in with the detailed study of what keywords they are investing in and put down strategies to our benefit.

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Amazon Advertising

Let’s get started with the best PPC blueprints at hand to come out on top. We at TossUp Media are waiting for a new well-designed success!

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